Molly and Lee present Almost Heaven Biewers and Cloverdale
Yorkies.  We are hobby breeders and Yorkie fancier's breeding
for the discriminating lover of the Yorkshire Terriers, Golddust
Yorkshire Terriers as well as the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la
Pom Pon.

Our little darlings are lovingly raised in our home and come to
you pre-spoiled and completely adorable!!  We have a small
breeding program and do not always have puppies available.  
Enjoy your visit to our websites!

301-514-5013 (cell)
304-725-0336 (home)

Our webcam link  for the Yorkies and Biewer pups is...

We are not online 24/7 but I will try to feature all litters!!
Our home is in the midst of civil war battlefields in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

We live where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers become one, near beautiful and historical
Harpers Ferry and Charles Town, West Virginia 60 miles outside of Washington, DC!
Click on the picture to see where our Yorkies roam!  
We live 60 miles outside of Washington, DC!  

We  serve the local Washington, DC area including
Northern Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West
Virginia but are not limited to this area!  

I do not ship puppies.  You must come to my home
or meet me somewhere to be able to play with the
pup, know that you are happy and satisfied that is a
well adjusted and healthy puppy.  I will not ship a
puppy that you have not seen in person and chosen
to be your forever pet!
Please read the following articles for some great information!!!

What Is A Breeder?

The so called Teacup Yorkie RISK!!!

What is Hypoglycemia?
Levi, Harley and Davidson were pups from a previous  
litter and are in their forever homes!
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Thanks for visiting Cloverale Yorkies!  We hope you enjoy your visit as
much as we've enjoyed having you here.  Come back any time!
Our webcam link  for the Yorkies and
Biewer pups is...

We are not online 24/7 but I will try to feature
all litters!!
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Almost Heaven Biewers & Cloverdale Yorkies
Tazz... our first Yorkie and the love of our lives...
1999 ~ 2013
Cloverdale Yorkies. Prior to actively searching for a companion dog for myself, I did extensive
library and internet research in order to choose the breed that was the best match for my lifestyle
and living situation, and also to find a reputable breeder, someone whose integrity, knowledge and
professionalism I could trust. Even if it entailed traveling some distance, I was willing to do that in
order to find the right dog and the right breeder.  I explored a number of breeders’ websites, wrote
many emails and made a number of phone calls. My search came to a happy ending when finally I
spoke with Molly Forman.

You will find a wealth of helpful information on Molly’s website - both
autobiographical and breed-related. She maintains strong and ongoing connections with many of
the people who have purchased her dogs. The puppies Molly placed with me are a constant
source of joy and love. Molly matched me with the perfect companion dogs for my lifestyle. I can’t
think of a more perfect small dog in terms of appearance, size, temperament and health.

The first thing that struck me when I met Molly was her love for the breed and
especially for her own dogs and their puppies. She spends a lot of time giving her
puppies early social stimulation, in order to socialize them before placing them in
homes.  Molly impressed me with her superb knowledge of the breed and her dedication to
maintaining the Yorkshire breed standard. In my ongoing contact with her, I have seen how much
energy and enthusiasm she puts into her dogs and the breeding
program at Cloverdale.

I have seen her professionalism and her devotion to her dogs. Molly continues to support her
clients and the dogs she has placed. Personally, I feel completely comfortable to phone, text, or
email Molly at any time for any reason, and know she will be there to support my dogs and me
with whatever advice or information or help that is needed. This includes opening her home for
clients and dogs to visit her.

In my experience, Molly has demonstrated kindness, integrity and generosity, both as a person
and a businesswoman. Molly continues to demonstrate her tremendous love for her dogs and the
breed in general, as well as her ongoing commitment to her clients, both past and present. I highly
recommend Almost Heaven Biewers & Cloverdale Yorkies to anyone looking for a delightful small

Heidi Richardson
Reference Letter from Heidi Richardson
In loving memory of my Dad and Tazz, our first
Yorkie...The best dad and furkid ever!
These two adorable pups are in their forever homes!
Welcome to The  Almost Heaven Biewers and Cloverdale Yorkies website!

Please enjoy your visit to our little corner of the world wide web!!!  I have tried very
hard to provide exceptional information but if for some reason you have questions
regarding any information that I have provided (or not provided) then please feel
free to call or email me!  If you are on Facebook please search for and "LIKE" our
page!! I put a ton of pictures on my Yorkie Facebook page, usually much faster than
I update my website!!  Here is a link!
Almost-Heaven Biewers & Cloverdale Yorkies

~ Our 20172018 Breeding Schedule ~

Our 2017/2018 deposit list!
Updated on 11/05/17
Our Deposit/Waiting List & Upcoming Litters***
***I do not place my pups with breeding rights...***

Our Current Litters
Shiloh and Remy's litter born on September 21! I didn't think she took! Her male
pup Tucker is held pending deposit and will be ready to leave mid December!

Paisley (Biewer) & Cruz (Biewer) had her pups on October 16th, a male and a female!
They are both spoken for and held with deposit!

Hunny was bred with Remy, pups were born November 3,2017. 2 males and a
female. The female is spoken for and held with deposit! 2 males are available!

Deposit List for 2017/2018
The initials are the initials of the person who sent the deposit.
Deposit 1 - KM - Golddust female
Deposit 2- MS - 1st choice female Biewer, Faith
Deposit 3 - LD - male Biewer, Tim
Deposit 4 - SR - male traditional, Tucker
Deposit 5 - JT - Hunny
Deposit 6 - JW ~ Smokie
Deposit 7 -
Deposit 8 -
Deposit 9 -
Deposit 10 -

Deposits on hold:
CM - Golddust, no preference to male or female
LM - 1st choice male Biewer from future litter, 2nd choice female Biewer.
Planned Litters for 2018
Sasha and Cruz (Biewers)
Maggie and Cruz (Biewers)
Shiloh (final litter) and Nugent (Traditional)
Karma and Nugent (Traditional)

Thanks for checking us out!!!
Molly Forman

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I'm sorry that I have not been keeping up with my website, calls and email as
We were in the middle of a major renovation and I am REALLY busy so
please call me and bug me!  :)  I won't mind and I encourage it!!!
Cell, call or text 301-514-5013 and home 304-725-0336
If you text me please tell me whom I am speaking to!
Meet our current pups!!
Smokie ia a Karma and Remington
pup.  He is held with deposit!
These two beauties are from Paisley's last and final litter...  Meet Faith
Hill and Tim McGraw!!  They are both held with deposit!
This is Faith!  She is 3 weeks old and is held with deposit!
This is Tucker... He is 6 weeks old and is a singleton puppy.  
He is held with deposit!
This is Hunny's final litter!  She is hereby retired!  Meet
Shalane (f), Flanagn (m) and America (m)!    The two males
are available to go to their forever homes at the end of
January 2018!